Story Maps

For the poem we are studying, ‘The Highwayman’, the children in Year Five have been creating story maps. Below is Junior’s, and was one of my favourites!

Junior HWM Story Map.JPG


Story Mapping

For our literacy today, story mapping was first on the menu and the children set out to produce brilliant recounts of The Highwayman. Showing a great love of our new literacy theme, the children recapped the story of the Highwayman In their pairs and started to discuss what language they could use to describe their pictures.

The children showed incredible knowledge of the text and demonstrated a brilliant attitude for Talk for Writing. After we perfected our maps, we started to add in emotions, description and thoughts into our maps. The children thought really carefully about how to support their images with writing. After lots of editing, redrafting and perfecting, the children were ready to show off their story maps. The results were incredible. Take a look for yourself, here we are with our outstanding learning.


Library Visit

Have you seen our new look library yet? After the summer holidays, all the children arrived back to school to find our library had been revamped. Y5GE had a wonderful session in there a few weeks ago and are due another soon! Very exciting! Maybe we can go and read our new class novel in their together!


Our gymnastic lessons have been full of a range of skills. We began the term with performing the level 7 and 8 gymnastic proficiencies, building these into paired sequences. The main focus for each three-part sequence was to completely match or mirror our moves with our partner – this did prove trickier than it sounds!

Following this, we learnt and performed a range of jumps: cat leap, straight full turn jump, straddle jump, pike jump, tuck jump, stag jump and a split leap. During the next week, these skills were then demonstrated by jumping of a carousal of apparatus. It was a pleasure to see the confidence of the children grow over the lesson, as more and more children innovated their travelling across equipment.


Combining sources to learn about the past

Since our Autumn term began, Y5GE have been thoroughly enjoying their weekly history lessons. We have placed the times of the Ancient Romans into history and ordering the main events of the Romans invasions and conquering of Britain. More recently we have looked in more depth at what primary and secondary sources are and how they teach us about the past.

Last week, each group used the group of sources they were given to choose which ones could help inform us best about activities in the Ancient Greek times. The question they had to answer was:

‘What did the Ancient Greeks like to do in their spare time?’

Here are there group responses:

Chapter 1: Ordinary

And we are away! Today in guided reading, Y5 DT began the first chapter of Wonder. And what an opening chapter it was. Filled with powerful messages about friendship and identity, we found the first chapter confirmed many of our sterling predictions from yesterday.

The children responded quickly to the new details they now had, either changing their predictions or confirming them. With a clearer basis as to what the story may be based around, we looked to further our predictions. Our goal was to ensure our ideas could be supported with detail in the text.

We had a wide array of new thoughts. We discussed the potential themes of bullying, friendship and kindness. The children gave a range of outstanding discussion points, some of which proved excellent food for thought.

Here we are hard at work, supporting our predictions with details stated and implied.


Here is the lovely Isabelle getting her day off to a perfect start.


Great to see Sumayya and Noah so engrossed in their reading. These two made some brilliant contributions today. Well done guys!


The early bird catches the warm. Marshall straight to it at 8:45. Dedication in a photo right here.


Gotta catch em all!

Today’s math lesson took an exciting turn into the realm of Pokemon. Based on our learning around statistics, the children were presented with a data table of Pokemon. This table contained a wide variety of information about each Pokemon. After reading and studying the tables, the children had to answer a set of challenging questions based on the data they had. The children worked amazingly well and showed great problem solving. Here we are in action

IMG_3048IMG_3049IMG_3050IMG_3051IMG_3052IMG_3053IMG_3054IMG_3056IMG_3057 Well done Y5. Keep being awesome

Wondering about our new class novel!

This morning was a very exciting time to be in Y5 DT. This morning we began working on our new class novel ‘Wonder.’ The children were very excited by the prospect of a new story which reflects their brilliant love of reading. It was great to see so much passion from the children! They couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the book.

Before we read the first chapter, the children discussed a range of clues from the book. This evidence came in all shapes and sizes and the children made some brilliant predictions using the evidence.

IMG_3034Here is Austin and Ahmed having a brilliant discussion about what their evidence shows. The boys gave their opinions brilliantly and supported them with great evidence. Once they came to an agreement, they checked each others learning brilliantly! Well done fellas!


Here is Isabelle and Chloe studying their evidence carefully. After much thought the girls decided to change their initial prediction and go for something more linked to the evidence. Great problem solving here girls!


Here is a great picture of Lily and Sumayya listening beautifully to Nicole’s ideas on what their evidence shows. Nicole was explaining that the person in the picture must be unique because “doctors come from far and wide to see him”. Fantastically, she then went on to explain how he may be unwell or poorly. Great example of shared learning here.


Here is Giarni and Marshall concluding their predictions. The boys worked brilliantly well together today and had some wonderful contributions to make.




Here is Liam really digging down deep into what his evidence shows. Fantastic learning happening here.

Y5 had such an amazing reading session this morning. It was fantastic to hear such rich and meaningful discussions. Talking about our reading and sharing ideas is a vital part of learning.

Well done Y5, you are awesome! Keep being amazing.

Our Champion

After a wonderful week in Y5 DT, it was so hard to decide who should be crowned our learning champion. But after passing all his times tables, and reading 164 times this year we had to make Kian this weeks champion! His passion and studiousness has been brilliant to see.

Well done Kian! You are officially a learning champion.


Well done Y5. Keep being the best you can be!