Eat Smart Sheffield and Food for Life

At Watercliffe Meadow we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and we pride ourselves on providing our children with healthy school meals every day.

We are part of the Eat Smart Sheffield and Food for Life initiative and we want to promote healthy eating in our community too, so every week we are going to blog a healthy recipe for you to try at home!
We want to hear about any healthy recipes you enjoy cooking at home too as we would like to collect a bank of these recipes to produce our very own Watercliffe Meadow Recipe Book!

When you try one of our recipes or cook your own, please take a photo of your finished dish and a photo of you and your family enjoying the food too if you like, plus your recipe. We
hope to have a collection of lots of lovely healthy dishes by the end of the summer 2021.
Here is a recipe for a filling cottage pie to start off our cooking adventure! Happy cooking!

Download the recipe as a PDF below.

Monday 6th July

Good morning Y5, I hope you enjoyed the weekend! Here we go with another week and why not get started with some garden circuits? Follow the plan below – you can do this indoors or outside.

Guided Reading – read for half an hour from a book of your choice

Writing – Space tourism adverts

Spellings – practise saying each word out loud and draw a picture to show the meaning.

Maths – CLIC Gaps

Creative – make a rocket!

Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday!

Guided reading – read for half an hour from a book of your choice.

CLIC – as usual, try to warm up for your tests with some times tables practice on TT Rockstars!

Spellings – ask someone in your house to test you.

Golden Time – why not test out your new board game?! You could play it with your family and interview them afterwards to see what they thought of it.

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Thursday 2nd July

Good morning! Once again, we’ve got lots of activities to keep you busy and entertained today. Here’s the plan:

Guided reading – use everything we have read so far to fill in the table showing what we know about the characters.

Writing – innovate and change the language used in the WAGOLL so that it fits your writing task.

Spellings – create pyramids by building your words up a letter at a time

Maths – four operations

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Make your own board game!

Challenge – make all of the accessories to go with your board game. Do need challenge cards? Dice? A spinner? Maybe a box to keep it in? Plus you need instructions for how to play the game and more importantly, how to win!

We’ve got some templates below for you to use or make your own!

Wednesday’s Learning

It’s been a bit of a mathstastic day today with excellent Flashback 4s and conversion of units. We’ve also had some lovely writing and our first board game!

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning, let’s start with some PE with Joe to get us moving!

Guided reading –

Writing – Plan your own advert for space travel!

Spellings – how many new words can you make from the letters in your spelling words? For example, from Wednesday, you can make say, day, dense, dew and lots more!

Maths – flashback 4 and a puzzle

Make your own board game!

Challenge – start making your board game! Use your design from yesterday to help you and check out the examples below again for ideas. You are just designing the board today, tomorrow you will have time to make all of your accessories, like dice, challenge cards, spinners etc.

It’s a good idea to use cardboard for the board as it’s strong. You could cut and stick paper on top or draw straight onto it. Make sure your design is clear to follow and decorate it according to your theme (pirates, supermarket, whatever you’re doing!)

We can’t wait to see what you create – make sure you send your learning to us!