Some more amazing home learning from the week

Thank you for all of the comments, photos and emails this week! You have all risen to the challenge of learning despite not being in school and Mr Tompkinson and I are incredibly proud of all of you!

Keep it up after the holidays and stay safe xx


The Y5 children who are in school have helped to make a rainbow sign to brighten up the entrance to WCM. I think it looks amazing.

WCM Football update

Now, as I’m sure many Y5’s and Y6s know, Football is a big part of WCM. Even so this year, as our brilliant football team have not lost a game this all season. With that said, we are not short of footballing quality at WCM.

Allow me to introduce a lad (who actually needs no introduction) our Shane.

Shane is a fine footballer. A regular starter in WCM 1st XI. A player who causes the opposition headaches with his pace and fierce tackling! A player so versatile he has played in every position on the field this season.

But yet, Shane was no match for the dog this morning! After hopes ran high of finding a footballing partner in these uncertain times, the dog went on to out class Shane in every area! Sign him up WCM FC!





Pobble Writing Activity

We have posted a Pobble writing challenge on Google Classroom for you to have a go at.

PobbleStory starter!

Lawrence was injured, afraid, lost and completely alone. He had been thrown viciously from the aircraft after the flock of birds had attacked the propellers.

As he laid there, listening to his racing heart, he wondered what would happen to him.

How would he make it out alive?

…Finish this story and send it to

Click here to access more activities for this story!


Weekly Timetable

Publication1Here is a weekly timetable that you can print off and fill in, complete electronically or use to create your own timetable to record the learning you are doing during the week.

Here it is to download: Daily Time Table Y5

Once completed, please sent it to so we can keep up to date with what you’ve been up to!

Pete McKee Cartoon Drawing Workshop

Every Wednesday, the Sheffield artist Pete McKee will be posting cartoon drawing workshops for children to follow his distinct style. They will go live at 12pm and you can tune in any time during the week to have a go. Click here to access his youtube channel.

As always, send your pictures to so that we can add them to the blog!