How did the Romans change Britain?

This week we have started our 3 week block on Roman Britain. Today, the children have used a range of historical images and information to explain how the Romans changed Britain.

The Roman legacy is absolutely immense! For sure, the change the face of history across Europe and here in Britain. The children made some wonderful historical connections! Mr T and Mr Boynton were very proud of what the children produced.

Before we see the children in action, have a look at this list of what the Romans introduced to Britain.

Sentence Fixing

In preparation for our big write, we took some time today in writing to use synonyms to up-level and improve a range of shocking sentences. The children worked really well together and produced some great sentences. Here we are hard at work! Well done Y5

Drama at Pompeii!

Yesterday in literacy, we had some Oscar worthy freeze frame performances. We acted out the final scenes from our Pompeii writing: The Escape. The children loved acting out all the various roles! Here we are capturing all the thoughts feelings and actions from the disaster at Pompeii.


Today in science we have been testing whether powders and liquids are soluble or not. The children had loads of fun testing out their predictions and the different substances.

Here we are loving our learning in the wonderful world of science.

Home Learning

Every Friday, each child will come home with a red Home Learning book. Each week, this will have the child’s Beat That test, a CLIC gap and the child’s spelling scores for the week (in the back).

Home learning each week will be to complete the Beat That test, doing any questions that they did not complete in class and to practice their CLIC gap. Please make sure the Home Learning books are returned to school by the following Wednesday each week.

In each child’s journal will also be a spelling sticker so spellings can be practiced each week at home.

Also, stuck in the Home Learning book is an exciting theme project for the half-term, creating a model of Mount Vesuvius!

Last year, we had some amazing volcanoes. We are looking forward to seeing what this year’s Year 5’s produce!

Thank you for reading regularly with your child at home and recording this in their journal as well as signing the journal every week, your support with reading and learning from home is very much appreciated.

First Day back and wizarding magic!

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back into class today, we hope your child has enjoyed their first day in Year 5.

On Thursday the children will be coming home with a Year 5 newsletter giving more detail about the exciting work they will be completing this term.

In Literacy, we are starting the year with a great project all about wizards. This week we will be creating our own wizard character, making a wand and creating our own spell book ready for our first day at Watercliffe’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

We will be using Hogwarts and Harry Potter as inspiration for this work over the next couple of weeks and would therefore like to watch small sections of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in class to inspire us.

Over the summer lots of famous stars recorded a reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and put it online. They can all be accessed here:

You need to make an account (which is free) to access the videos.

We suggest children watch the first two chapters at home this week to see if they enjoy listening to the story. If they are enjoying it, then we have photocopies in school of Chapter 3: The Letters from No One, which the children can take home and have a go at reading.

Mr Boynton and Mr Tompkinson

Final week of the holidays

Sleeping GIFs | Tenor

The school holidays are almost over and we cannot wait to see you all in school next Tuesday. We have missed you and are excited to hear about what you have been up to.

In this last week we want you to enjoy the final week of the holidays and family time but we have some little challenges for you! Practise going to bed early as you would be doing on a school night and getting a good night’s sleep. Practise getting up in the morning at the same time you do on a school day. Find your uniform and PE kit and make sure your name is on them all.

If you have any questions about next week the answers should be on the letter we posted out to everyone back in July.  For any further questions message us via the blogs or on Facebook Messenger or email

See you next week! 

Mr Boynton and Mr Tompkinson