Roman Emperors and Historical Discussions

History sometimes isn’t all that it seems. Was Julius Caesar really the greatest Roman Military Leader? Was Nero really that bad? Why did Augustus manage to reign for so long? Why did Claudius battle to win the popularity of the people when he did many great things.

All these thoughts and ideas we brought to our history lesson yesterday and we started to discuss how the past is represented and interpreted in different ways.

We looked at our very own Roman Emperor Top Trumps and the ‘skills’ each Emperor Boasted. Many of these facts took us by surprise!

Then, we started a fabulous game of Guess Who! The children were given statements about each of these key historical figures and they tried to work out who was who!

Here we are using our great historical skills

Outdoor PE Fitness

Today, we definitely built up a sweat in PE as we continued working hard during our fitness sessions. We focused on a small number of circuits: Skipping, Star jumps, Burpees, sprints and shuttle runs.

The children pushed themselves very hard and showed great physical resilience.

Volcano experiments

In the last week before half-term, we experimented with creating eruptions and lava flows with our volcanos. We tired one method using coke and mentos, and another with vinegar and bicarbonate soda. Both gave very different results!

The Highwayman

This week, we have started our fantastic talk for writing topic on The Highwayman! The poem tells the tragic tale of love, loss and death – all with a spooky twist. Perfect for Halloween!

Here we are acting out our freeze frames and writing our wonderful story maps! Stand and deliver year 5!

Gymnastics performance

This half-term in PE we have been improving our gymnastics skills. We have practised forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Everyone showed resilience and determination to get better every lesson. We ended with our own 1 minute performance to music with each child performing one of the moves they had learnt. Everyone was gymnastics superstars!