A sister’s visit

Just before it was time for Jasmine to leave Ely back for Sheffield, her sister Millie arrived for some Christmas fun- there will be more fun from both of them over the year.





Jasmine’s last Christmas holiday outing

My bean bag baby has enjoyed all the holidays, but she especially liked her journey out to Norwich!

She travelled by train (her first time) and even had lunch in Pizza Hut! She ate far too much.



Jasmine the Bean Bag Baby- update!

Another exciting day today. Jasmine has been to get her nails done (with both eyes firmly reattached!), to see the Christmas tree in Ely Cathedral and even chilled out in a cannon!







All that’s left to do is put out the mince pie and carrots for Father Christmas and his reindeers!

Miss Eden’s Bean Bag Baby

My bean bag baby, Jasmine, had a lovely time today! She went out and about, although had an unfortunate mishap early afternoon!

She began the day making sure my mum’s cats ate up all their food!


Then she visited the Cathedral in Ely!


After that she shared a cup of tea, before riding the bus home! (Unfortunately an eye was lost at this point, but she will be fine tomorrow!)



Please don’t forget to take photos of your bean bag babies’ antics, if you can as we would love to see them in the new year! More adventures from my bean bag baby another time!