Parkwood PE!

Y5GE were lucky enough to have a PE session with two teachers from Parkwood today. The lesson was all about balancing on points and patches. But we extended this learning with demonstrations of extension, tension and control. 

Each child and pair, built up from two separate balances:

To sequences that began with a starting position, two balances with travel in between, and a finishing pose. We had a great lesson!


Rufus’ revenge

This morning Miss Hall entered her room to find it had been destroyed. All the chairs were tipped over and our camouflage vests were thrown all over the classroom. Eventually she discovered that it was indeed Rufus that was behind the destruction.

Luckily her fantastic class were on hand to help her tidy up the devastation and the hard work resumed as usual. 

Who kidnapped Rufus? 

This morning before all the children came school Miss Hall did a dastardly deed and sneaked into Mr B’s room and kidnapped Rufus!!! She hid and locked him away in her cupboard. 

Upon arriving to school Y5NH were greeted with army camouflage vests and balaclavas. The children got involved straight away with Miss Hall’s evil plan and began planning their demands to give to the y6’s in return for Rufus’ safe return.

 We then stormed Mr B’s class room and demanded ‘chocolate or the dog gets it.’ We then sent a ransom note along with Rufus’ collar of where to leave the chocolate and when. However the Y6’s foolishly though they could trick us and left a miniature heroes box full of glue sticks!

 Obviously Y5 were not fooled by this so didn’t give Rufus up but instead sent another note along with Rufus’ paw (fake of course) as threat of what would happen if our demands were not met.

During social time y6 smartly left us the chocolate we demanded and Rufus was returned home safely and unharmed while we ejoyed the chocolate during Maths. Thanks Mr B!

Maths consolidation fun!

After a week of working hard with addition, today was time to have a break… By adding lots and lots of 3 digit numbers to be the first to reach 10,000! 

Despite the level of noise (we were all very excited! And dice are loud, don’t you know?!), every single child was furiously rolling and then adding their total! Look at them all in action!

Missing Numbers

In our week of addition, we are challenging ourselves and our understanding of column addition. Yesterday, we were extremely successful with column addition and ate it up! Green ticks all round! 

So, today, the children were asked to complete missing digits and justify their reasoning. Here are a few examples:

As you can see, the children are doing the working on posters- and writing their justifications and proof underneath. They had to think about ‘carrying’ one and making sure they totalled numbers, bridging 10. Many of the children chose to challenge themselves too! And moved onto a harder level of question! 

Herd of Sheffield Home Learning

Look at the amazing treat I have just received from Owen Scarborough! 

What a fantastic piece of home learning, linked to our elephants and the history of Sheffield! I love how it is presented, and that it is even mounted onto an orange piece of card, in-keeping with the colour scheme of Henderson’s Relish!

Here is a picture of the fantastic, informative leaflet that Prathibhasree completed last week. It tells us all about Lizzie the Elephant! The very same elephant that inspired the Herd of Sheffield sculpture collection!

Well done to you both. I look forward to seeing more pieces of amazing home learning and some selfies with the elephants! Remember, send any electronic documents or photos to:

Road’s End- part 2

Today we recapped our excellent guided reading session from yesterday. Despite needing a bit of a reminder- we used the Crimson Clue Hunter to find evidence to prove or disprove that ‘The second driver is a kind and generous man.’

Here are our clues:

Casey, Gracie, Ellie H and Owen were so convincing with their clues that they managed to change at least four children’s minds about the driver and his intentions! We cannot wait to find out what happens next!

Road’s End

We are enjoying Guided Reading this half-term in Year Five. This week we have been watching clips from a short film called ‘Road’s End’. After watching only 14 seconds yesterday, the children used our superhero ‘Crimson Clue Hunter’, to make presumptions about what had happened. 

The children came and identified the clues that supported what they thought. The main three ideas were:

1) The man was the driver of the car and he had crashed.

2) The man was a passer-by and had witnessed a car crash.

3) Where the car had landed was quick sand, and the reason the car was there was to cross the dangerous patch.

Here are all the clues we identified to support our inference! Thanks Crimson Clue-Hunter!

Cycle Speedway

Mr Allsopp and I have been lucky enough to spend a wonderfully sunny afternoon down at Cookson Park’s Cycle Speedway track. Six Year 6s and five Year 5s learned (or recapped) the basics and then competed in a race!

They all did superbly well and were very well behaved!! We can’t wait until next week. Here are the results:

Interactive sentences

This week, in Year Five we have been writing a diary in character as a young boy, who lived in Ancient Roman times. In Y5GE, our writing was fantastic but the writing checklist features just weren’t in place. Therefore, we spent the lesson creating sentences (using pre-prepared sentence strips) featuring fronted adverbials, pairs of adjectives with a comma, a relative clause and inverted commas for speech. 

Here are the sentence strips in action- hopefully the finished, independent paragraphs will be just as impressive!