Spooky Day at Watercliffe Meadow

Here are some photos from our class on this spooky day!

And the scariest of all…


Year Five Reading

If you would like to see what we have been doing in reading recently, then come and see our display on the top corridor. We have been introduced to four of the superhero characters; 

– Crimson the Clue Hunter

– Phantom Predictor

– Word Wolf; and

– Dark Decoder

We are both getting into our books, Young Houdini: The Magician’s Fire or Coraline by Neil Gaimen. 

Y5GE’s Surprise Treat!

Despite nearly all of the class working it out, it has finally been revealed that our class treat was a glow-in-the-dark party! All children received a glow stick bracelet and all those who wanted to (in the time we had- more to come before the week ends!) have had their faces painted. 

We have had sweet treats, watched a film, and had a glow-tastic afternoon! Here are some photos:

Volcanoes part 2

In Y5NH we have also had a fun and exciting day making models of mount vesuvious. First we made the structure and stuffed it with newspaper to give it a more rough and life like effect.

Then when we had created a shape we were happy with we got out the modrock and began modelling. We had to make sure our strips weren’t too wet and that we rubbed them to flatten and smooth them.

WWe were very happy with how our models turned out.

But we weren’t finished there after lunch we painted our models and added over flowing lava to reconstruct the eruption in Pompeii.


Modroc and Volcanoes!

In Y5GE, Mrs Barton is in charge of the teaching today as modroc is one of her favourite things! Look at all the children doing good listening and good concentrating. Jenny Mosley would be proud! 

As Mrs Barton demonstrated how to apply the material (keeping it flat, not too much water, and rubbing it so it removes all the holes), the children listened attentively! We all got changed into our art shirts (from home and the cupboard) and then we were off!

The models look fantastic already- more photos to come across the day!

Look how they are building up, they look like volcanoes already.

Here the models are, ready to paint!

We are beginning by using two different shades of green paint to create a tree affect, using the brushes to mimics texture as well as colour. 

They are really starting to take form now and look like volcanoes!

Parkwood Gymnastics

We are lucky enough to have two teachers, Miss Sproson and Mr Graham, from Parkwood Academy teaching us PE again this week!

The children were learning and performing rolls as a part of a sequence. My favourite rolls were the forward roll and teddy bear roll. Even I had a go at the teddy bear roll! 

Us teachers were looking for straight arms, straight legs and tension in our bodies (which we were developing from last week). ​​


​We completed some good evaluations afterwards as each half of the room performed!

Relative Clause

We have had a small input on relative clauses today, from Miss Evans. The children had language clearly modelled and did a really fun activity that showed they understood:

– What does one do? Adds extra information about the subject noun.

– Where does it go? After the subject noun.

– What punctuation does it need? A comma before and a comma after!

Here was Yaren feeling super proud after she read out her sentence with a correctly punctuated and placed relative clause!

Mini Maths Teachers

In our final addition and subtraction week of Autumn, the children had another go at tackling missing digit problems. They did both addition and subtraction examples ready for creating a ‘How to…’ poster.

They were so successful I sat down and took a break, and let the children do the teaching!

Crimson Clue Hunter

In Y5GE, we are putting a little more detail into the guided reading we did last week as we had gotten behind. Using an extract from a mystery text, the children are finding clues that tell us about three characters that appear in our text: Harry, Billie and Arthur. 

Some of us are identifying which statements support the information about which character.

A few more of us are colour-coding the evidence in the text.

And the rest of us are writing a paragraph to share our views, with evidence.