Using resource

As we are at the end of a unit of maths, we have completed an assessment. After further clarification this morning on vocabulary, the children are having another go at their incorrect or missed questions. It is good to see the children relying on resources we have created to help support them. 


Christmas Singing

We had some impressed parents and staff last week, after showing off our excellent singing skills in Year Five. Here are some of our rehearsals this morning:​


7 Times Table

For morning learning, Miss Evans led the class in reciting their seven times tables, one child at a time. Then, we rehearsed the ones we found hard- 6 x 7, 8 x 7, 9 x 7 and 11 and 12 x 7. 

We are loving the times tables challenge in Y5GE. Look at our star corner and all the children who have already passed some of their times tables. 

An Ancient Roman Challenge!

Year Five started their day with science today! They were set a challenge to create a prototype of a device that can carry water. We began the challenge with the question ‘What material is the most affective at transporting water?’

We had a lot of freedom in Y5GE! But both classes achieved a lot!

We also gave each other warm feedback on how well we worked together as a team.

Proactive afternoon

This afternoon we separated all did different tasks to help improve our learning environment. One group wrote facts about different weapons and pieces of armour Roman legionaries wore, another group createed a fact file about Julius Caesar whilst the final group wrote up their persuasion paragraph from last week. While we were all engaged in our different writing tasks Miss Hall called up different groups to help paint the giant Roman soldier. We are pretty proud of the work we produced this afternoon and cannot wait to see it up on our walls.

To kill or not to kill

Today in literacy we were debating whether or not Brutus should betray Julius Caesar and join Cassius to kill him or not. We split into two groups: one for killing Caesar and one against. Then we formed a conscious alley where we whispered our opinions in Brutus’ ear.

After we went back into class and debated the subject some more before finally voting on what desicion we would make if we were Brutus.The final verdict was that the majority of us WOULD kill Caesar if we were Brutus. However it was a close vote at 14 against 11.

WAGOLL division

The great thing about our new approach to maths, using a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) allows us to be more differentiated and target our support better! 

Many children chose to pick their WAGOLL and differentiated learning tasks and get going!

A few children felt less secure and wisely chose to have more input at the front. It’s brilliant to be able to get the teaching needed personally for themselves!

And, as we do most lessons, children had directed support from an adult.

We love our new learning environment and WAGOLLs!


We have had an excellent morning of critiquing! Using the gallery technique we all looked at an anonymous child’s writing and collected warm feedback.

We modelled the editing and improving process in context of the persuasive paragraph we had written. Then, the children were asked to edit their own writing independently. This was before completing their pupil reflections. We worked really hard today!

A change is better than a rest

What an odd morning it was to arrive at the door of Y5GE’s classroom today! Miss Eden, Miss Evans and Mrs Barton have clearly gone a little crazy! They are trialling the removal of lots of furniture, and a more fluid, independent learning atmosphere.

They were so calm through both of the tasks we did this morning. We are also trialling WAGOLLs (what a good one looks like) and children choosing their own level of challenge. They loved it! The reflections we have collected from just our first morning are fantastic.

Sequencing Coraline

Today Y5NH met their 4th reading super hero summarise and sequence shadow, whose superpower is to condense texts into just a few words and sequence events in the correct order.

 We used his powers to help us sequence the events of the first 6 chapters of Coraline. It was a bit tricky at first remembering what happened in what order but using the book to help us we managed to order all the statements correctly.