Carol Singing

Year Five children had a spectacular start to the afternoon on our last day before the holidays. We put all of our hard practice with singing to another use. We walked down to Tesco on Herrie’s Road and were invited in to sing amongst staff, customers and families. Thank you to all who came and cheered us on! And thank you to Tesco for their generous fruit hamper! The children have already devoured the healthy treats. Here it is!

And here are our little gems in action… and their proud parents!​


Science learning

This half term Y5 have been doing some fantastic science learning about Earth and space and animal life cycles.  Here are Y5NH posters on these topics. I think they are brilliant.  

Christmas Party

You can’t see much, but this is our wonderful Year Fives beginning their Christmas Party by watching Narnia’s- The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. They are being so quiet and enjoying the film, eating their food; ready for our partying in a little while.

It has been such a good day, the children have worked really hard all morning. Also, after a successful collection of Bronze Reading Mileage badges given out yesterday, 25 Bronze Golden Time badges were given across the year group. 

Life Cycles- the finished product!

Today, Year Five finished off presenting their life cycle posters in their groups. 

Towards the end of the lesson, some groups began to present their group’s poster about either a chicken (bird), reindeer (mammal), frog (amphibian) and ladybird (insect).

At the end of the lesson, the children noted the similarities and differences between the different animal types. For example, not all of them have eggs- a mammal has an embryo. Great learning Year Five! Well done!

Life Cycles

This morning, despite it being the last week, we are embarking on some fantastic learning in Year Five! Both classes are learning about the life cycles of four types of animals: amphibians, mammals, birds and insects. So far the children have arranged the life cycles, and labelled them with important scientific vocabulary. 

Then, after viewing a WAGOLL, they are working in groups to collect information for a poster they will have completed by the end of Wednesday’s lesson. All the children are engaged and eager, and most are using clear roles for each person in their team; to share out the information. 

We cannot wait to see the finished products on Wednesday!

Ancient Roman Parent Learning Celebration

Thank you so much to all of those parents  who made it this morning to our celebration this morning. It was lovely to see all the children and adults smiling faces! Here are a selection of photos for those of you who were unable to make it- hopefully next time we run an event we can cater for you too.

Table Maths

Year Five had a great maths lesson today. They used a selection of familiar shops to answer questions about opening times, whilst moving around the room. They were all so engaged!

Then, they used their knowledge of 12 and 24 hour time to read a bus timetable (the local route from Hillsborough to Meadowhall).

To finish the lesson the children played pass-the-parcel with a tin of relevant questions, and sang to find out where it stopped! Miss Eden loves this game so much she is definitely going to magpie it!​