Rounding Riddle

We have been rounding like superstars this week! We have had another excellent lesson today, following our rounding rhyme:

Underline the digit- look next door

If it’s 5 or greater, add one more

If it’s less than 5, leave it for sure

Everything after is a zero not more.
After the lesson, as the class were so successful, Miss Sweeney took a break and did a role reversal with Hudaife and then Ruby. They became the teachers and questioned us to justify how to round the numbers to the nearest tenth!


Active Maths

In the feedback for a maths lesson a couple of weeks ago, the classes shared that they like the maths to be active- such as having questions around the room. Miss Sweeney built on this in her planning for this week and we have just recapped our rounding knowledge by doing just that!

Each child completed a pre-made grid of their rounding answers. They had to record it in either the rounding to the nearest 10 table, nearest 100 or nearest 1000. The majority of children were extremely successful and all of them remembered and could recite our rounding rhyme. 

Creating a sketch map

As part of our information project about London, the children have begun with a new task to enhance our guidebooks (whose entries are now finished!) Each child is drawing a sketch map to represent the London landmark they have been researching about, and those close by.

After creating the rubric based on Miss Sweeney’s WAGOLL last week, the children are on their second draft.

They are taking into consideration Road names, the sketch of the buildings and their accuracy. The other main point on the rubric is using the space effectively. What do you think so far?

Make Up Madness

Despite them not being in our Year group,  Miss Eden does like to dip into the art of face painting at times so was more than happy to work with some of her old class. She was asked to decorate their faces for their Watercliffe’s Got Talent performance. Funhouse looked so scary and performed really well, coming in a very impressive 3rd!

Problem Solving to the max!

We are tackling another tricky new concept in maths this week: finding the connection between fractions and decimals and comparing these. After a successful start to it, today brings a host of paired problem solving. 

Not only are the groups having to find and choose their own problems, but they also need to do the maths behind them and THEN answer the original question posed! Phew- what a lot of work. Luckily, we are all up to the job!

It has been a pleasure to be able to watch this intense and focussed learning take place!