Parkwood PE

Y5GE were lucky enough to have another amazing PE session with Miss Sproson, from Parkwood, today. The class thoroughly enjoyed the games that allowed us to practise tactics. I observed them working hard to plan their strategies of how they could try and achieve the best result they could. Great learning together, Year Five!



For the last two weeks Y5 have been really getting to grips with division, what it means and the difference between ‘how many in a group’ and ‘how many groups’. At first they found it tricky to see the difference between these sorts of questions but through their mathematical discussions, sentence stems and perserverance they are beginning to crack it. Here are some photos of us using manipulatives to help aid our understanding.

Times Table Pledges

As you know, just before Christmas your children were set a target of passing certain times tables. We’ve been working hard on this in Year Five anyway, but Mrs Read is keeping us on our toes! She has given us a weekly target for some children to pass as they have to work a little harder. 

In Y5GE, each child was given a sticker with their target on this morning and was assigned a ‘buddy’. This buddy will be supporting someone with passing. Today we are identifying what times table facts they are less confident with within their target!

Crimson Clue Hunters

This week we are all writing a police report to report the disappearance of Salim, one of the main characters in our book- the London Eye Mystery. But before we can do that, we need to gather the facts from the chapters we have read.

We are all becoming Crimson Clue Hunters and, using our books to retrieve evidence, we are gathering the key character, location, timing and event information. 

Look at all the things we have found!

These are all contributing to our timeline of events (just like a real police station would have):

Religious artifacts

This week as part of RE Y5 have had the chance to talk about religious artifacts from Judaism and Islam. All the teachers were so impressed with how repectful and interested all the children were of different religions and loved how curious they all were by asking questions and researching anything they didn’t know. 

Secret shifters

On Wednesday in circle time Y5NH talked about what things help to shift their mood from a bad one to a good one. This good be a happy memory or a photo, a song or a funny tv programme. Miss Hall shared with us what her secret shifters were such as seeing her dog or listening to her favourite song (dancing on the ceiling by Lionel Richie). Then we wrote down ours. It turns out we have loads of things that make us feel happy and that we need to think of them more when we are feeling a bit sad or low. 

Delightful Diary Entries

As part of our novel study on the book ‘The London Eye Mystery’, we have been writing our own texts based on it. This week’s writing was a diary entry in character as Kat, a stroppy teenage girl in the book.

Today’s lesson was a slow-writing session and it went so well! Each and every child produced some fantastic diaries and they all let Kay’s personality shine through!

We were so impressed with our writing that nearly all of us wanted to read aloud.