Measuring angles

In Year Five, we are using protractors this week. Yesterday, we drew angles and were quite successful. Today’s objective was to measure them accurately.

First, we played an estimating angles game and we were pretty accurate with it! We used what we know about acute and obtuse angles to increase that accuracy.

We then spent a long and intense amount of time lining up our protractors and measuring those angles!


Maths problem solving

This afternoon Y5NH have done some serious maths problem solving. The puzzles were challenging and fun and helped build up the children’s resilience in tackling tricky problems that they may not always get the correct answer right away but have to try multiple methods to get the correct answer. Here we are putting those brains of ours to good use.

Bean to Bar

At the beginning of today’s lesson we sorted a pile of conjunction cards. As a class we discussed the definitions of the three conjunctions we are looking at: time, causal and subordinating, and then sorted the conjunctions.

After, we sorted the photographs that represent the process into chronological order. 

For the rest of today’s lesson, we are using further information about the chocolate growing and manufacturing process to make notes. These notes will be helping us write our explanation texts later in the week.

Angle crazy!

Watercliffe Meadow is in the middle of a technical nightmare today, no computers- so we are all going rogue and has resulted in other ways and means to teach!

In Year Five, we are recapping our knowledge of angles. With the lack of an interactive white board we drew our own angles and sorted them into acute, obtuse or right angles. Then, we found angles in the objects round the room. 

After that, we identified the number and types of angles in our shapes.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

As a part of our learning on community, Mayans and reversible and irreversible changes, we are going to Cadbury World next week (make sure your letters are in and it is paid for!) So, we thought that before we go we ought to get the children to be able to explain how chocolate is made.

This morning the children have identified the features of an explanation text on the WAGOLL provided for them. They identified parenthesis: using brackets, commas and dashes, as well as a wide range of conjunctions.

After that, we watched a video showing the process from bean to bar, also with a little of extra information about the benefits of fair trade!

… That is the question

Today, our new big question has been launched in Year Five. This question will relate, in some way, to all the learning we are going to do over the term. Already Miss Eden has stuck some current news stories, that if they happen, could all affect the future. This learning will be updated over the weeks. Please don’t forget to collect together the things for your journals next week!

Cricket Skills

Helen Sproson came and taught her final PE session for this term, today. Y5GE were told that after Easter we are going to be playing some games, normally associated with summer: rounders and cricket. Therefore, we practised some throwing and catching skills- all in game form of course!

The children had to pair up and throw the ball to each other. Each time they caught it, they got to move a step back. The winners were the first to reach the wall on both sides.

Afterwards, Miss Sproson linked our PE to fractions and we discussed the best distance in which to bounce a ball to a partner for optimum results. The decision was between 3/5 and 3/4!

Building the suspense

Over this week, all the children in Year Five have been building up their suspense stories… bit by bit… until the very, anxious end. What an amazement. These are skills used in suspense stories:

– varying sentence length

– feeding the reader small pieces of information to keep them guessing

– describing feelings

Here they are writing it up, ready for display.

A Book Look

Today, those lucky entrants to the Reading Character Competition got their prize. They were driven to Waterstones in Meadowhall and got to choose their own book! Here are our two Year Five winners!

Well done Bladen, Sienna and all the other winners and to those who entered!

Suspense Stories

This week, we are looking at the skills of how a suspense story is made up. Today’s focus is use of fronted adverbials to say how, when and where something happens. All of Year Five watched a short film from Literacy Shed, called ‘Dracula’s Whitby’. 

After collecting a selection of fronted adverbials and powerful adjectives, we set about about writing our opening section to our story. 

We even had time to read some of our paragraphs aloud.