Fabulous Finish Part Two

We have all been working so hard on our canvases for the ‘Fabulous Finish’. We have used the newspaper articles, photographs and headlines that we have selected (reflecting on our big question one last time!) and arranged them, using collage techniques, and gluing them down. We have created sillohettes of protesters and layered them on. Miss Hall’s class did them free-hand, whilst Miss Eden’s class used the projector to trace images.

On the protester’s boards, the children have attached slogans or quotes that they feel about change. Excellent team work was used and the end result was fabulous! Watch this space for more photos.



Yesterday, the Year Fives kept up the annual tradition and kicked off the carnival with a touch of African vibes! They had worked hard all morning learning different drum rhythms and dance moves to put together for one performance. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch; and for those of you who couldn’t, here are a few pictures:

Olympic posters

Over the last two weeks Y5 have been working extremely hard on creating their posters all about the Olympics. They are now all complete and look fantastic! They are all up in Y5NH so feel free to come look since the children have worked so hard making them. Here are a few of them.

Fun in the park

Yesterday the Y6’s and Y5 choir worked so hard in the Madagascar performance we all felt they deserved a little bit of fun before the final evening performance so decided to have some fun in the sun in the park.

The Olympics

One of our learning foci for this term, amongst our big question is the Ancient Greek civilisation and how it has impacted us today. One of the clear ways to view this is the Olympics! So the children have been busy researching, drafting and redrafting and retrieving information about what the Olympics are, the Ancient and Modern Olympics and specific facts about events and athletes.

Fabulous Finish

As part of the culmination of our term’s learning, Year Five are creating canvases (in groups) to reflect on our big question ‘How do changes affect the future?’ They have been selecting current political and national news items that are relevant, as well as photos from some of our learning and visits this term. Here we are in action:

Theseus and the Minotaur

As part of our big question, ‘How do changes affect the future?’ we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks through mythology. Two weeks ago, we read and studied the myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. We then used a number of reading skills to show our understanding and retrieve information, as well as writing skills to compose a diary written as Theseus.

We collected description of the Minotaur (the beast in the story) and gathered Theseus’ varied feelings across the events. We then used a thesaurus to up-level our vocabulary. Here are two finished pieces:

You can see that we take editing and improving our learning very seriously in Year Five and have used purple pen to improve.

All Mixed Up

Year Five are all muddled up this morning! Our choir are downstairs in rehearsals for the day and upstairs the rest of us are getting stuck into a poem, by Kit Wright, called ‘The Magic Box’.

Our first task of the week is to show our comprehension of the poem by retrieving information from it and drawing these pictorially.

There are many more tasks to come, including performance and writing our own version, entitled ‘The Future Box’.