Pop Art

As part of our learning of ‘All About Me!’, children in each year group created self-portraits. In Year Five, we chose to use the inspiration of Pop Art to create our very own using photos of our beautiful and handsome faces. We all learned about Andy Warhol and the basics about Pop Art:

  • Pop Art was an art movement in the 1950s
  • the ‘subject’ of the art was everyday culture – advertising, people, comics, everyday¬† objects etc.
  • Andy Warhol used silk-screen printing to repeat images
  • pop art used bright, stand-out colours
  • another famous artist of this movement was Roy Lichenstein

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A famous production by Andy Warhol: Marilyn (1962)

Andy Warhol Pop Art (1)Andy Warhol Pop Art (2)Andy Warhol Pop Art (3)Andy Warhol Pop Art (4)