Debate: Roman Legionary – Would you rather be in or out?

Year Five had a fantastic morning with our English lesson. Both classes have spent all week learning more about the Ancient Romans and their armies. After our visit to York last week, we built on what we already knew about Roman Legionaries (a Roman soldier) and their roles, responsibilities and treatment.

Some of the reasons we found were really positive, others made you wonder why anyone would want to be one! Today, we put all that information together and used it to plan debate points, even thinking about arguments and counter-arguments. With a bit of practice in our groups, we were ready for the real debate. Look below for some of our preparation. The teachers were so proud of what they achieved!



A Spooky Treat

IMG_0272.JPGWe were really lucky in Y5GE this morning! Lewis brought us in some gruesome-looking items. Thankfully, they were a selection of little biscuits and buns that were yummy to eat even though they did look slightly terrifying. Thank you, Lewis and family!


Exploring Eboracum

We have all had a fantastic, informative time in York today! We became Roman Citizens for one half of the day, and Roman Legionaries for the other.

Did you know, that York used to be called by the Latin name of Eboracum? Here are just some photos of the visit:


This week’s post is all about Bridge. And no, not the Ancient Roman waterway kind (although we learned about that too!) On Wednesday, a lovely and intelligent man named Graham came back in to see us. This week, he was with Y5GE and the next time he is in he will be spending time with Mr Hiron’s class. IMG_0158

After a visit last year, he came to remind us all about a deck of cards and how we can use these to play game. We revised:

  • 52 cards in a pack
  • Four suits – diamonds and hearts (the red cards) and spades and clubs (the black cards)
  • Each suit has 13 cards – A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K

We practised shuffling and fanning the cards.


Each group of 4 got to play a mini-game of ‘7’ and how to make a ‘trick’ (a bridge term). The best thing? It is now a Year Five lunchtime club on a Wednesday! The next session is on Wednesday 18th October. IMG_0160