Charity Appeals – Word!

During the week, both Year Five classes have taken to the ICT Suite to do some work on the charity appeals they have been writing (more on this another time!) Today, Y5GE used Microsoft Word to type up their drafts so far. The template had been given to them, based on the WAGOLL, but the words were their own.

The appeals themselves were a mixture of factual description containing adjectives, such as:

continuous, severe, helpless, powerless, over-worked, never-ending, fierce and deadly

Unfortunately, the disaster we are appealing for is very real – a mudslide in Mocoa, Columbia on 31st March this year. The facts we were presenting were that 45,000 people were affected overall, 329 of these tragically lost their lives, 2 bridges collapsed, 3 aqueducts and sewage systems were compromised; and that was just the beginning.

The second part of the appeal contained emotive language. (Emotive language = a deliberate choice of words used to elicit emotion). In the lesson itself, we used trouble-shooting on how to use the shift-key to select the different punctuation we needed. We also learnt that the blue wiggly line under a word was to help indicate a grammatical error: such as ‘there’ needing to written as the homophone meaning belonging to – ‘their’. The main learning point though was the undo arrow! For some reason some people’s photographs kept disappearing!

Next lesson, our aim is inserting pictures, using text boxes and word art.


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