Game Afternoon

Y5GE were so excited with the change of schedule today. Whilst we love assembly, we also enjoy having time to play games with our class. Miss Eden introduced them to a game called ‘Brain Box’. Some children had played it before, but for most of us it was a new experience.

The game is a box of cards around a theme. The themes we had were:

  • The World
  • ABC
  • First Maths
  • Maths
  • World History; and
  • Once Upon a Time

The aim of the game is to remember as much about the front of the card as possible. Then, you roll a dice and get asked the question that corresponds with that number. It’s not as easy as it sounds! They can range from questions such as ‘What is the capital city?’ (The World), to ‘How many people in the picture?’ (Once Upon a Time).

After that, we got into groups, got randomly given a box and then the competition began! There was a right hullabaloo, but we were all just really excited and engaged in the game. Have a look:

16.02 (1)16.02 (2)16.02 (3)16.02 (4)16.02 (5)16.02 (6)


Turning 10

As you will know, today was a big day in Year Five! After all of the object arranging, big thinking, photo taking, critquing and sharing; today was the day that we met the Year Fives from Arbourthorne. We had an absolutely fantastic day. This was Y5GE before we entered the Winter Gardens:

IMG_0552.JPGDespite it being more than a little damp, we soon got much cheerier as we met together and made some new friends! Even though there were nearly 120 children, plus all the adults, in the Winter Gardens you wouldn’t have known it. we ate lunch, played games, had discussions and even played with balloons and we were so good!


Here is what 120 children look like!


Y5GE Library Visit

Last Wednesday, like the rest of school Y5GE went to our library full of new stock to have a good look. Despite only having a look on this visit, we did lots of discussion around the books we liked and even recommended them to each other! Since our visit, 16 of our class wen back during lunchtime and had their book scanned out. It’s really increased the amount of reads in our journals too.