Year Five go orienteering!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for all those children in Year Five. In light of the learning we have done on maps, orienteering in PE and about the London landmarks in our writing lessons, we went down to Hillsborough. Each class was taken on a guided tour of the landmarks by Mr Hiron and Miss Eden. We stopped by Hillsborough Leisure Centre, the Cadbury/ Bassetts factory, Owlerton Stadium, the Barracks and the Walled Garden in Hillsborough Park, whilst the teachers did their best tour guide impression! This is definitely not a WAGOLL for being guided by the children in London.

28.03.18 Orienteering (2)

The tour was good, but the orienteering session run by Pauline in the park was the best. We were finally able to consolidate all of the skills that we learnt in PE and we did ourselves proud. Each pair used maps to orientate themselves around the park and find the controls. It was made even more fun as each pair also had an electronic dibber! They even got a print out of their times! What was equally as impressive was how resilient they were for running all over the park for an hour, particularly as we walked 5 miles that day in total! Great practice for London.

Here some of them are in action:

And here are some of the things the children said about it when we got back:

I like how we were encouraged by the dibbers and how we encouraged each other. I also really like the way there were no boundaries and it was electronic, which was more fun.



I know a lot more about Hillsborough Park now I have been on this orienteering visit.



I really like the way it recorded our time so we knew what to beat.



I really liked the way how the dibbers worked (that you had to put it inside the controls and the start, finish and clear).




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