Being Brilliant

This afternoon in Y5CH, the children delivered workshops to Miss Gibson’s class. They taught them about the Art of Being Brilliant and were able to pass on some key messages from what they learned when Andy Cope had delivered workshops earlier on in the year. Here are some pictures of the sessions.



London Residential

We hope all those of you who came on the London Residential have recovered! Here is a piece of writing, that featured in the Green Un and some photos from one of the groups. The London film has also been done and will be shared in this week’s assembly.

2018 London Residential 

On Friday the 11th of May, the Y5s set off to their trip in London. First, we walked down to the nearest bus stop (with our heavy bags). By the time we got on the bus the children had found their partners and split into their groups! Once we had arrived at the train station we told them their seats and luckily they found the right ones. A few minutes later the children had already started munching on their sweets. The train took 2 (whole) hours until we finally arrived in our destination LONDON!

2 hours later, the children got off their seats and walked off the train and started their long journey to the next tube station. All of the kids and adults got off on the 4th stop which was Westminster Tube Station. First we spent our money in the first gift shop we saw. All the kids had at least five pounds left for an ice cream on the next day! All of us enjoyed the sights that were found at Piccadilly Circus!

After we had seen all the views on Westminster Street we set off to see Buckingham Palace (the home of the Queen). After the kids had admired the home we set off to Hyde Park to have a rest on the grass and show others their gifts from the shops. After a long time of fun it finally became 5:30 when it was ready to eat. We all had a wonderful dinner at Pizza Express until it was time to set off to the Science Museum. We got given our badges and then we had a variety of activities to do until 11:00pm. Then we all got into our sleeping bags and tried to get to sleep. Some children didn’t get as much sleep as others did but at least they had a great day and a much harder one the next. And this was just the first day!

By, Elise and McKenzie, Y5GE J


After half term, Miss Eden’s new Golden Time activity will be dominoes! This is all due to a power cut and Y5GE! As many of you will know, there was a power-cut just before lunchtime on Friday. This meant that there could be no assembly so we all needed to do tasks in class. Miss Eden chose to teach her class dominoes and they loved it!

One child was overheard saying “This should be a Golden Time activity.” So now it is! Here they are in action!

Day or Night?

Since coming back to school after the Easter Holidays, the Year Fives have been learning about the Earth and Sun and how these two parts of our universe makes day and night and seasons. After learning lots of facts about the Earth rotating on its axis every 24 hours, and how it also revolves around the sun (orbits – every year approximately), it was time to present our knowledge with a moving diagram!

Ancient Mayans – Who were they?

Over the week, all the children in Year Five have been bringing together their existing knowledge of the Mayans (from our guided reading sessions with The Chocolate Tree and the Hero Twins) and independent and group research. Part of the task was to use the range of non-fiction books to write facts, aiming for note form, on slips of paper. In the following lesson these pieces of information were grouped and sorted.

The outcome for this teaching sequence was the children writing a paragraph about a selection of the facts. Next week, they will be working in groups again to form a presentation on their area of the research into the Ancient Mayans.


Y5GE’s May Queen and Jack-in-the-Green

It was a real pleasure for me to crown our May Day representatives today. The vote was a secret ballot, completed by the children, with accompanying reasons for their choice. McKenzie and Lewis were our fabulous winners! However, the voting was really close for both of May Queen and Jack-in-the-Green – so well done to everyone who got a vote!

May Queen and Jack in the Green.JPG

Y5 Ancient Mayans

This week in Y5 we have been developing our knowledge on the Ancient Mayans. We have been researching topics which include housing, jobs, Ancient Mayan literacy and numeracy as well as Mayan clothing. Within our writing, we are working on including parenthesis to add extra information, apostrophes for possession as well as adverbs to show degrees of possibility. All of Y5 are enjoying learning about the Ancient Mayans and we should have some interesting and informative posters produced as a result.