Parachutes… The Sequel

As promised, here are further details of our follow-up science lesson on air resistance. Having previously learnt that the larger the surface area, the more air resistance would be present it was time to put our theory into practice. We began with constructing the parachute from the templates each group had drawn. Some of us had to go back to the drawing board in order to maximise the surface area – but we were very resilient!

Whilst some of us were cutting the shape out of the material chosen (bin bag was the favourite choice – lightweight and flexible) others of us were constructing the cuboid needed to hold our precious cargo. Soon, we had parachutes ready to test!


We braved the winds and had a jolly good time dropping our parachutes! Some of the semi-precious cargo was lost from the baskets – however a time of over 3 seconds was recorded for the longest drop. We had lots of fun being creative, more importantly we were able to reflect on the results and verbally conclude our scientific findings. In a couple of weeks we’re going to try again and we’re going BIGGER!


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