Goodbye to the Highwayman

Year Five were quite sad to say goodbye to our learning about the Highwayman. We had thoroughly enjoyed looking into the poem and creating stories from the perspective of different characters. Today Y5GE wrote up one section of their story, following Y5DT typing them up earlier in the week. Here are some of the extracts on display!



Exceptional Home Learning

A few weeks ago, all of the children in year five were set a challenge. They needed to create Ancient Roman clothing or accessories. Whilst the deadline for this is not until the week beginning Monday 10th December, many children are well on their way with their projects and we are enjoying regular updates. Nasim in Y5GE was the first person to bring his designs in – we had nearly a full legionary’s outfit! Look at the amazing creation below!


Thank you, Year Four!

We were so lucky to have the year fours come and present their learning to us today. They had worked really hard creating presentations for us all about the Anglo Saxons. They were really mature and brave visiting us when we were all scarily dressed up! They had a great amount of knowledge and we even asked them questions that they could all answer. When asked, some of the year fives even said they had given them new knowledge!

Spooky Cosy Read Day

The children made such a fantastic effort with their costumes in Y5GE. Those who wanted to dress up went all out, and we enjoyed marvelling at each other looking scary! We finally filled our token tower so will be having a film and spooky snack treat this afternoon too! It is well-deserved!

Despite being all excited about our dressing up and our treat we worked exceptionally hard still all morning! We completed our Beat That test and CLIC test as normal, our spelling test (because we have worked so hard learning them for two weeks!) and we are currently writing up our best piece of writing about the poem ‘The Highwayman’, which we have been building up over two weeks. Shortly, Mrs Haque’s class will be arriving to present their half term’s learning about the Anglo Saxons! What a morning we are having!

Story Maps

For the poem we are studying, ‘The Highwayman’, the children in Year Five have been creating story maps. Below is Junior’s, and was one of my favourites!

Junior HWM Story Map.JPG

Story Mapping

For our literacy today, story mapping was first on the menu and the children set out to produce brilliant recounts of The Highwayman. Showing a great love of our new literacy theme, the children recapped the story of the Highwayman In their pairs and started to discuss what language they could use to describe their pictures.

The children showed incredible knowledge of the text and demonstrated a brilliant attitude for Talk for Writing. After we perfected our maps, we started to add in emotions, description and thoughts into our maps. The children thought really carefully about how to support their images with writing. After lots of editing, redrafting and perfecting, the children were ready to show off their story maps. The results were incredible. Take a look for yourself, here we are with our outstanding learning.


Library Visit

Have you seen our new look library yet? After the summer holidays, all the children arrived back to school to find our library had been revamped. Y5GE had a wonderful session in there a few weeks ago and are due another soon! Very exciting! Maybe we can go and read our new class novel in there together!



Our gymnastic lessons have been full of a range of skills. We began the term with performing the level 7 and 8 gymnastic proficiencies, building these into paired sequences. The main focus for each three-part sequence was to completely match or mirror our moves with our partner – this did prove trickier than it sounds!

Following this, we learnt and performed a range of jumps: cat leap, straight full turn jump, straddle jump, pike jump, tuck jump, stag jump and a split leap. During the next week, these skills were then demonstrated by jumping of a carousal of apparatus. It was a pleasure to see the confidence of the children grow over the lesson, as more and more children innovated their travelling across equipment.


Combining sources to learn about the past

Since our Autumn term began, Y5GE have been thoroughly enjoying their weekly history lessons. We have placed the times of the Ancient Romans into history and ordering the main events of the Romans invasions and conquering of Britain. More recently we have looked in more depth at what primary and secondary sources are and how they teach us about the past.

Last week, each group used the group of sources they were given to choose which ones could help inform us best about activities in the Ancient Greek times. The question they had to answer was:

‘What did the Ancient Greeks like to do in their spare time?’

Here are there group responses: