Campfire – reversible and irreversible changes

Thankfully, there was a break in the weather on Thursday as it was time for the science to get fully practical. In last week’s lesson, the children had observed the changes to an ice cube when heated and determined whether this change was reversible or irreversible. This week they went outside and Mr Allsopp led the session, using heat as a source again to investigate change.

As Mrs Reid reported: We have had a fun and memorable afternoon doing science! Outside, we looked at the way heating and burning materials using fire can change them irreversibly. Mr Allsopp showed us changes to bread, chocolate, egg and cheese using the fire and we got to taste some freshly popped corn.
When we went inside we looked at how mixing solids and liquids together also became an irreversible change, making a tasty (but disgusting sounding) treat called armpit fudge!

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