An introduction to bridge

It is that exciting time of year again where Graham, who is one of our special visitors, has moved to teach bridge to the Year Fives. Today, it was Y5GE’s turn. They began with a recap of their learning with him last year. We recapped the basics (52 cards in a deck, two different colours, 4 suits) and then played some mini games to warm us up. The aim of the mini-games were so we could familiarise ourselves with the cards, the suits, the values of the cards and of course – to work on our team work. Whilst we were quite loud, we were just very enthusiastic!

Whist was the first quick and easy game we were taught. It would be easy to play at home:

Take one suit of cards and deal them to your table. Each person should fan their cards in their hand so they can see them. Then, the dealer lays down one card – everyone lays one card on top of it, one at a time. The person who lays the highest card wins the ‘trick’. For example: if the dealer laid a ten, the only cards tha can beat it are a J (jack), Q (queen), K (king) or A (ace). Value of the cards is important here.

This was one of many games we played – it was a great hour and a quarter!


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