More card games – play at Christmas!

Last Monday, Graham – our resident card expert – came into see us again. He spent half his time with each class and we became more familiar with the game ‘Beggar my Neighbour’. The children had a fantastic time playing and got really quick at playing it. Here are a brief explanation of the rules – all you need is a pack of cards.

  1. Deal the whole pack – and don’t look at your cards.
  2. Take it in turns in a clockwise direction.
  3. The player after the dealer lays their top card face up.
  4. If you lay a ‘baby’ card, the next person has their turn. (Baby cards are the number cards).
  5. If you lay a picture card, the next person has to lay the equivalent number of cards on top (A = 4, K = 3, Q = 2, J = 1). If the next person lays all ‘baby’ cards then the person who laid the picture card wins the whole pile in the middle.
  6. If another picture card is laid, this stops it and the process begins again.

We also played a fun stand up and sit down game, that is based entirely on luck, predicting the colour of the next card shown.

Graham also set us a challenge – how many words can we make out of the word ‘bridge’ with 3 or more letters? Each letter can only be used once. Sabi went home that night and came back with 18 different words. Before we say what they are – how many can you do?


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