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Spelling Hunt

It may not be Easter yet and time for a good old-fashioned hunt for eggs, but that did not stop Y5GE for hunting for spelling patterns! Around the room, Miss Eden had placed lots of words that contained the ‘ci’, ‘cu’ or ‘cc’ letter string around the room in different places. Each letter string, as well as others, have different sounds; such as ‘shun’, ‘shul’, ‘acc/ x’. They had to find the words and record them in the correct place on the tables they were given. We had great fun!

Sheffield Children’s Book Awards – the long list

From his extensive work with people across the city, Mr Smith has managed to get us a really exciting opportunity. Each year, children in school get to vote for which books they think should win the Sheffield Children’s Book Award in its category. However, we only ever see the chosen short list.

This year, we have been lucky enough to receive the picture book long list and have a say on which we think should make the short list and why! Today, we were introduced to the books on offer. The children loved them – it goes to show you are never to old for a picture book!

App-solutely fabulous!

Today it happened. We found out what we are aiming for at the end of this half term. An app! A real-life app ready for us to download onto our school iPods and take to London on the residential. A travel guide for our two day adventure. We. Are. So. EXCITED!

Sue Finnegan, from the ICT support team, came in to launch our app and tell us all about the process. In her own time she has created an app prototype and recorded a video from her colleague to show us the process we will go through. There are many stages we need to complete but we will be taking our prototype to London; including photographs, facts and information, videos and sound files. Each child will contribute in some way. Then, a small group will work alongside the ICT team to create a real-life app that hopefully will make it to the App Store!!!!!!! This is a real-life purpose for our writing and we cannot wait. Here are a few photos from the morning.

And we’re back…

Welcome back and a happy new year. Since we have come back, the Y5s have been working so hard! We cannot believe how much learning we have crammed into just two days.

Our new writing focus is to produce a non-chronological report all about the London Eye. We are at the very beginning of the process – looking at WAGOLLs and giving warm feedback, and then producing text maps on them. We are gathering a whole host of information, ready for our reports. Tomorrow we have a special guest to introduce our product for the term – it is so exciting!

In maths we have have jumped straight in with equivalent fractions, which is proving to be tricky but we are getting there. We are also realising how important our times tables are for this and that, even if we’ve passed them, we don’t know them quite as well as we need to and need to keep practising. Every little helps.

We have crammed in two PE lessons and our guided reading and spelling! Full on but we are rising to the challenge! Keep it up Y5.