And we’re back…

Welcome back and a happy new year. Since we have come back, the Y5s have been working so hard! We cannot believe how much learning we have crammed into just two days.

Our new writing focus is to produce a non-chronological report all about the London Eye. We are at the very beginning of the process – looking at WAGOLLs and giving warm feedback, and then producing text maps on them. We are gathering a whole host of information, ready for our reports. Tomorrow we have a special guest to introduce our product for the term – it is so exciting!

In maths we have have jumped straight in with equivalent fractions, which is proving to be tricky but we are getting there. We are also realising how important our times tables are for this and that, even if we’ve passed them, we don’t know them quite as well as we need to and need to keep practising. Every little helps.

We have crammed in two PE lessons and our guided reading and spelling! Full on but we are rising to the challenge! Keep it up Y5.


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