App-solutely fabulous!

Today it happened. We found out what we are aiming for at the end of this half term. An app! A real-life app ready for us to download onto our school iPods and take to London on the residential. A travel guide for our two day adventure. We. Are. So. EXCITED!

Sue Finnegan, from the ICT support team, came in to launch our app and tell us all about the process. In her own time she has created an app prototype and recorded a video from her colleague to show us the process we will go through. There are many stages we need to complete but we will be taking our prototype to London; including photographs, facts and information, videos and sound files. Each child will contribute in some way. Then, a small group will work alongside the ICT team to create a real-life app that hopefully will make it to the App Store!!!!!!! This is a real-life purpose for our writing and we cannot wait. Here are a few photos from the morning.


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