Geography – Grid References

We are into our third week of learning and applying our knowledge of reading four-figure grid references on OS maps. This information helps us locate places, by name or by the appropriate map symbol. We have been looking at things such as where the phone box would be, etc.

Over the last two weeks, the children have studied parts of Ordnance Survey maps for Sheffield and London. The children got very excited when they found places near where they lived and the landmarks we have been learning about! We even created a WAGOLL for this week, so the children could try and read the grid references more securely.

23.01.19 Grid References on OS maps (1)23.01.19 Grid References on OS maps (2)23.01.19 Grid References on OS maps (3)


App Prototype Critiquing

We have been working exceptionally hard researching the facts we need to write our very own London App. The children are now all at the point where they have been working hard to include a range of features in their writing:

  • relative clauses to add extra information about the subject noun
  • sub-headings to organise information
  • synonyms to avoid repetition
  • adverbials to create cohesion
  • boastful language to describe and interest the reader
  • rhetorical questions to hook the reader in

Y5GE were ready to critique their paper prototypes today, the last step before we form the information and pictures onto the apps. We had been through quite a comprehensive marking and checking process already, so we used the cool feedback statements to state what could further be improved. We tried hard to make our feedback kind, specific and helpful. Although there was some small critique of the critique!