Is it a bird, is it a plane, it’s an egg!

This morning has been very egg-citing! The children in Y5GE were egg-cellent! Okay, enough of the egg jokes! All of Year Five have been finding fractions of quantities. Today was Y5GE’s turn to apply this to an Easter Egg hunt with a sweet reward. Mr Hiron’s class will be doing it early next week.

The first step was the hunt itself! Baskets at the ready we went searching in Amy’s Garden:

Upon returning to the classroom, each egg had to be cracked open (another joke – sorry!) and inside was a fraction of quantity question! The children had use their knowledge, practice and the WAGOLL to solve the questions:

With the prizes on show, the mission did not end there! The children then needed to use the alphabet grid to decode the magic word for the prize – there was great team work involved. All children were successful!


Fabulous Home Learning

Lewis Johnson strikes again! On Wednesday morning I was delighted to be given two fantastic models, made from air drying clay. Each one was a perfect representation of two of London’s most famous landmarks. Both of the landmarks we have been learning about in class for our London Residential Guidebooks, and we will see them in May. The first model was Elizabeth’s Tower – more commonly and incorrectly named as Big Ben!

Lewis London Models (3)

The second was a model of the iconic London Eye!

Lewis London Models (1)Lewis London Models (2)

Ice Skating

As you will know, we had the Ice Pad in school on Wednesday. After spending Tuesday evening setting it all up, the team were ready for the children to skate. Everyone who went on was really brave, particularly those who weren’t very sure before hand. They all had a good go, and even those who fell got straight back up and carried on!


World Book Day in Y5GE

Last Thursday was World Book Day. Unfortunately, due to the bad snow, we were not a full class and will have to wait until the author day this Thursday for everyone to be in. However! There were some fantastic efforts in costumes. They looked brilliant and even braved the cold to wear their outfits!


Below are some of the photographs:


Andy’s Impact

In Year Five, following our three sessions with Andy Cope for ‘Being Brilliant’, we are using a 10 point plan to spread happiness and create 2%ers!

Part of that process was trying to summarise the impact the sessions had one us. Here are some of our records:


Game Afternoon

Y5GE were so excited with the change of schedule today. Whilst we love assembly, we also enjoy having time to play games with our class. Miss Eden introduced them to a game called ‘Brain Box’. Some children had played it before, but for most of us it was a new experience.

The game is a box of cards around a theme. The themes we had were:

  • The World
  • ABC
  • First Maths
  • Maths
  • World History; and
  • Once Upon a Time

The aim of the game is to remember as much about the front of the card as possible. Then, you roll a dice and get asked the question that corresponds with that number. It’s not as easy as it sounds! They can range from questions such as ‘What is the capital city?’ (The World), to ‘How many people in the picture?’ (Once Upon a Time).

After that, we got into groups, got randomly given a box and then the competition began! There was a right hullabaloo, but we were all just really excited and engaged in the game. Have a look:

16.02 (1)16.02 (2)16.02 (3)16.02 (4)16.02 (5)16.02 (6)


Turning 10

As you will know, today was a big day in Year Five! After all of the object arranging, big thinking, photo taking, critquing and sharing; today was the day that we met the Year Fives from Arbourthorne. We had an absolutely fantastic day. This was Y5GE before we entered the Winter Gardens:

IMG_0552.JPGDespite it being more than a little damp, we soon got much cheerier as we met together and made some new friends! Even though there were nearly 120 children, plus all the adults, in the Winter Gardens you wouldn’t have known it. we ate lunch, played games, had discussions and even played with balloons and we were so good!


Here is what 120 children look like!



Y5GE Library Visit

Last Wednesday, like the rest of school Y5GE went to our library full of new stock to have a good look. Despite only having a look on this visit, we did lots of discussion around the books we liked and even recommended them to each other! Since our visit, 16 of our class wen back during lunchtime and had their book scanned out. It’s really increased the amount of reads in our journals too.


Hygge (Pronounced Hoo-ga)

AS you will know, the Year Fives have been having some wonderful ‘Being Brilliant’ sessions with author and scientist Andy Cope. He taught us about a principle called ‘hygge’. The word originates in Denmark and has no direct English translation. However, it is all to do with well-being, and Andy told us the best words to use were ‘snuggliness, comfort and cosiness’. During the Monday morning session, we were asked to think of examples of ‘hygge’ for different seasons.

Here are Y5GE, in class, today experiencing a winter hygge!



Year Five Parent Celebration

At 2:40pm,  the Year Five classrooms were full of children and families. It was fantastic to see the children so proudly sharing a wide range of their learning and talking about it with their parents. Each child had their chosen books ready on their best pages, and their brand-new WCM University Files! Thank you so much for all who came!

Even those children whose family could not make it shared with someone else! We are very proud of our learning in Year Five!

We also loved performing two of our Christmas songs and our Ancient Roman poem!

19.12.17 FF (14)