Writing Perfection

This morning, the Y5s worked outstandingly hard in their final writing piece on Roman Britain. Putting together all the wonderful writing that we have been doing, we wrote up our final drafts. The focus, dedication and passion was simply wonderful. The team did themselves very proud!


Here we are in action. Looking through our drafts from the previous weeks, we used all our fantastic purple pen work to master our polished pieces. The displays in Y5 are in for a real treat!

The standard of the work was amazing and the presentation across the class was superb.

Well done Y5!


Well done Y5, Keep being awesome


Super Statistics

Today in Maths, we continued our learning about statistics. In our session today, the children were learning how to read and interpret a line graph. After brilliant listening, the children but these skills into practice and attempted to solve a range of really tricky questions.

The children had to use to graph to find specific information about what the graph shows. Their maths skills were truly put to the test as they had to use a range of operations to solve their questions.


Beautiful presentation in our Maths books. Demonstrated by this weeks champion.

Working together, and making fabulous links, the children showed incredible passion and studiousness to their maths. They discussed the questions brilliantly and checked each others answers to share their learning.img_2955.jpgIMG_2956

Oliver and

The standards of presentation in the children’s books is wonderful. The Y5s are really appreciating the art of presenting their work beautifully.


Here we are, focused and in the zone. This group worked brilliantly well to discuss the problem and then apply their knowledge to the questions.IMG_2959IMG_2960

Well done Y5, you are awesome. Keep being wonderful.

Reading about Roman Leisure

This morning, Y5 took on the exciting task of learning all about Roman leisure time. Linking into our writing, our guided reading session was based around summarising a text about what the Romans did in their spare time!

We worked fantastically hard to answer a range of open ended questions that really showcased our reading skills. Before the session, we learnt about the importance of gathering information we need and don’t need in order to give a good summary.

Summarising a text is a really important skill in reading and the children worked really hard this morning to produce great quality learning.

We are really enjoying our learning about Roman Britain and it is great to see so much passion from the Y5’s. The Romans is a fascinating topic and marks the beginning of so much in human history. The children are always asking really insightful questions about events and how they link.

The quality of our learning in guided reading is reflected in the children’s writing!

Well done Y5, you are awesome. Keep being marvelous.



Clay and Julius!

During the afternoon, when Miss Eden and Mr Tompkinson were out of class, the children were having a great time in their art lessons with Mrs Reid and Mrs Gill. Over the past three weeks they have been learning a range of skills ready for this afternoon’s end product. The focus for the first two lessons were around the proportions of a person’s facial features. These skills were combined with some new clay skills. This all culminated in them producing¬† an imitation coin from the times of Ancient Rome.¬† The children had to roll, cut, shape and join the clay, whilst looking at Caesar’s head in profile. Here are some photos of the process, and an example of one of the fantastic, final products:


The Rocket Retriever

As we are working hard to find out as much information about the Romans in Britain as possible (with some of us dedicating ourselves to this at home too) we have been letting our reading superhero, the Rocket Retriever, guide the way.

In our guided reading sessions we have got stuck into answering lots of different questions on a number of topics:

  • Why did the Romans invade Britain?
  • Why did the Romans build Hadrian’s Wall?
  • Why were roads needed in Britain?

One of the classes used the broken printer as an advantage to do some paired work – showing off their skills of skimming and scanning for information. The challenged pairs also made their own questions about the text too! Here’s an example of what we did:

Relative Clauses

As you can imagine, we are working extremely hard with our writing in Year Five. Over the last couple of weeks, amongst many other things, we have introduced a new writing feature. The new feature is a relative clause, which is a way of adding extra information into a sentence. (Did you see what I did there, Year Five?!) These sentences have been in context about the Romans in Britain, and we have written them in our books but also on whiteboards and paper to help ourselves! Feel free to come and look at our books to see how we have done.

Harvest Festival

Hello Year Five! We have a big favour to ask you. We are collecting for harvest festival this Friday, as we let you know in the Green Un. The food donated will be given to a local foodbank that supplies our community. We are asking for any dried or tinned food, that does not require refrigeration or have a short expiration date. Anything you can donate will be much appreciated and your generosity will be well-received from those who benefit. Thank you!

Y5GE’s 101 Summer Home Learning

IMG_1304.JPGMrs Dwyer and Miss Eden have been so proud of how hard our class have worked to complete the home learning sent over the summer. Here is a photo of just some of it, and we have had even more emailed to us since it was taken! In addition, the children are currently doing fantastically with striving for their goals – passing handwriting and getting their 40 reads for Autumn already! Alongside this, many children are bringing back filled in WAGOLLs from their CLIC test or spelling or times table practice. Keep up the good work Y5GE!

Visiting Eboracum

Today has been fantastic! The Year Fives travelled by coach to York (which was otherwise called Eboracum in the Ancient Roman times). We have gained so much knowledge, but also shared some of the information we already knew – we were commended constantly by the people leading our workshops of what a well-informed, polite bunch we were! So well done, Y5.

The day was split into two halves, a workshop called ‘Exploring Eboracum’ and the other ‘Life of a Legionary’. In the first workshop we had to decide whether each character we were introduced to was a citizen or a slave of the Roman Empire. We had plenty of clues for us to work out, but also got to complete a number of activities to put ourselves in their shoes. We were dressed up as a Roman and did everything from grinding wheat to hairdressing (the boys were really good at this – we have some naturals!)

The second workshop was about being a Roman Legionary, which we have already learnt a lot about in Guided Reading. We handled artefacts and then got to dress up in their armour and carry their weapons – we were ferocious!


Spelling – ‘shun’

This week, all the Y5s have been introduced to their first spelling list and the spelling rule it is related to. The spelling rule is using the suffix ‘shun’. We revised that a suffix is a group of letters (or letter string) found at the end of a word. More common suffixes we already know are -ed, -ing and -able.

When learning about the suffix ‘shun’, we have found out that it can be spelt in 4 different ways! -tion, -sion, -ssion and -cian. Each version of the suffix can be found with different root words, dependent on their final letter. More details of this can be found on the photograph below:


We are doing well in our spelling lessons and have done investigational work, learning and using the definition of the word, practising in our spelling books and next week we will be using the Spellodrome games to help us!