London Residential

The children are having a fantastic time- here some of them are at Buckingham Palace:



A good old throw

Yesterday, we completed our final athletics lesson for this year. We have covered track events – sprint and relay, field events – long jump and now throwing. The children loved javelin and were really good at it. We have an excellent set of athletes in Y5GE – I was really pleased that so many of our class went to the athletics competition trials yesterday too!

These were the steps we were following to success.

Coaching points for a javelin throw:

  • Left foot forward (or opposite foot to your writing hand and the hand you are going to throw with).
  • The palm of your hand goes UNDERNEATH the javelin, just under half-way down the javelin.
  • Your fingers grip around the top of the javelin.
  • Your arm should be angled so that your elbow is front of your hand and high in the air.
  • After you have thrown, you should end up on your toes – this means you have given it all the height you can.

Here are some of us in action:


Orienteering in Hillsborough Park

We have just arrived back from a fantastic day down in Hillsborough. After walking down, the year group split into two classes for the day’s activities. Y5GE began their time by having a circle time sat among the grass and daisies – it was wonderful! We began the five steps by playing an old-fashioned game of ‘Duck, duck, goose’! This was even suggested by the children.


Following this, (which is the activity Y5DT were doing at the same time) we went orienteering around the park. We even had real-life electronic dibbers! This meant we ran around the park to all the different stations and then back to print out our slip (Mrs Dwyer’s favourite bit!) Despite it being really tiring and being quite hot in the sun at points, Pauline (our British Orienteering instructor) said that the children were even better than last year. Their understanding of orientating the map and finding the points was spectacular. So much so, Pauline recommends us taking part in the next competition! Well done Y5!

Mathematical Reasoning

Last week, we consolidated our knowledge of measuring angles and lines, which was in addition to what we know about properties of polygons. Polygons are what we call 2D shapes and have 3 or more sides.

We needed to justify whether the shapes we were given were regular (all side lengths and angles equal) or irregular. We had already worked on this independently and now we were working in groups to annotate the shapes with our findings. Each shape needed to be named and have it determined if they were regular or irregular.

The big difference in this lesson was that each group had to feedback their decision about one shape and prove to the class that they were correct. There were some excellent presentations.

Earth in space

In science today, we looked at and discussed how theories about how the Earth moves and how scientific thinking has changed over thousands of years.  Did you know that people used to think that the Earth was at the centre of the universe?  Working in pairs, we tried to show that the Earth both rotates (or spins) as it orbits (or revolves) around the Sun.  In the photos we are trying to act as the Sun or the Earth.  Can you guess who is representing which?

Year Five Learning Celebration: London Quiz

What a fantastic afternoon we had!!! Our parents were invited in to support their children complete a quiz based on the London landmarks we researched when making the London app. We set ourselves up in quiz teams, accompanied by a bowl of crisps, ready for the questions to begin. Part way through the quiz we stopped for a refreshment break and the picture bonus round.

The children had taken home the app content the week before, and even the parents had been revising from it – this meant there were really high scores! Some groups even got full marks for correctly identifying the landmark shown in the photograph. Well done Year Five. We are very grateful for all the parents that were able to attend.


Flight from apparatus

Over the past four weeks, each indoor PE session has been a build up of learning and revising a range of jumps. We have learnt and performed two feet-to-two feet jumps, such as a bunny hop and kangeroo jump; as well as one foot-to-one foot jumps such as a cat leap, scissor jump and hop jump.

During another lesson we turned these jumps into a sequence, involving travel – both individually and as partners. This recapped our starting and finish positions, as well as mirroring and matching from our gymnastics unit in the first term.

This week, we moved onto performing these jumps from apparatus. This proved to be easier said than done! It took a mix of bravery, technique and poise to perfect the jumps. Many of us needed reminding about bending our knees and using our arms to gain momentum for the jumps – also about using our gymnast behaviours to ensure the jumps were technically accurate and completely safe!


Today, Sabi brought in a selection of different origami items that she had spent two evenings making – there was enough for one each! She asked if, at the end of the day, she could hold a lucky dip with them. Of course, we were all delighted! Each child got to choose their own object, ranging from Pokemon’s Pikachu to stars, hearts and planes. She even made a ‘fortune’ sheet to show the meaning of their choice.

Thank you, Sabi! Here is a selection of her designs!

Community Week – A local visit

Yesterday began the first day of the aforementioned Community Week with the theme ‘The World Is Ours!’ Following on from Y5GE’s circle time and home learning, we took the children across to Busk Meadow Park to assess what changes we thought could be made there. It was lucky we went, as there was lots to be found!

Y5GE took three different geographical surveys:

  • a traffic survey
  • an opinion survey; and
  • a positives/ negatives survey

Each pair within the groups assessed what they found – and we used these to determine what main things we thought ought to be changed. Back in the classroom, we used these points to plan a letter to our local MP – Gill Furniss. The children are very excited about having an impact and really understood why what they had seen had been a problem, but also thought through what changes could be made to improve the park. We are so proud of you!

Here are some photos of Y5GE in action!

Y5GE Community Week: the world is ours

It may not be Community Week until next week, but in Y5GE we have already been giving it a lot of thought. Miss Eden set us some quick home learning, asking the children to reflect on what changes they would like to see in the local area or the world. These ideas are going to help us structure our thinking and learning next week.

Well done to Chloe, Regan, Lucas and Christian for being the only ones to return the learning. The content of the sheets were really well thought through ideas. Here are a couple of them:


4ED798D9-86D8-4153-833F-1C53ED7E422FThankfully, even the whole class didn’t bring their learning back, they had all been giving it some good thought. In our weekly circle time, the problems we discussed were things that we thought needed changing in our world or local area. The children came up with some really serious and insightful ideas- we were really proud. Some of the examples were:

– stop violence and selling weapons

– less rubbish

– prevent pollution

– stop school cuts

– for parents to stop children staying up late and playing games

– clean up Busk Meadow park

Not only could they think of things they wanted to change but they began to think of ways we can begin to take action and create change! Some of these ideas were to make and display posters, to take responsibility even if it wasn’t directly yours (eg. littering) and work together with people who also believe in your cause.